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Becoming a surrogate is a special opportunity to make dreams come true for a family that needs your help. You can count on Expect Miracles to be your partner through the surrogacy journey every step of the way.

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With hundreds of surrogacy journeys under our wing, we boast an amazing community of experienced, new, and incoming surrogates. We welcome all prior and current as well as hopeful surrogates to join our community to share their journeys, bond with women pursuing the same dream of surrogacy, and find inspiration.

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Support Team

We are in this together! Our team here at Expect Miracles will provide everything you need for your journey. From financial, medical to legal support; count on us for a strong foundation.

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Every day we have the opportunity to hear stories from people whose lives have been altered for the better by their experience as a member of our Surrogacty Family.

We are are proud to work with Surrogates who are mature, stable, self-aware women that have made a decision that surrogacy is an experience they would like to participate in. They are self-sufficient, team players, that are confident and optimistic. Being a surrogate has given them a sense of accomplishment by making a difference in the world and by participating in surrogacy they are making a unique personal contribution to another family.


“ Being a surrogate has opened up my world in so many ways. I have helped expand families and have made many great friends. As a surrogate it has been very beneficial to have that supportive community by my side. Having a group of women that understand your journey is priceless.”


“My favorite surrogacy moment thus far was receiving an email from my intended parents after informing them that the transfer was a success. Their words of gratitude filled my heart with joy and confirmed why I chose to go on this journey with them.”


“I truly love being pregnant and wanted to help other couples, who were faced with obstacles, start a family. When you see how much love parents have for their newborn it makes the experience so satisfying. I am grateful to be part of that miracle.”


“My mom was pretty unsure and not completely supportive until she met my intended parents. She then understood why I wanted to help them. She is now my biggest supporter and is proud to tell anyone that I am a surrogate.”

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Amazing Journey

Throughout the Process

You can depend on our team for support through the entire process. Expect Miracles provides a strong foundation for everything from legal assistance, medical, financial and emotional support. We are taking this journey together.


We Handle Every Detail for You

Feel confident as a member of our team knowing we will make the process easy for you.

We Support You

As a Surrogate with Expect Miracles, we would love the opportunity to help find the perfect match for your journey. We believe that each Surrogate should set the terms of her contract requests and match her with the intended parents she feels are a good match on all levels. Each match is as unique as the individuals involved are.

We Will Help You Become a


Our Surrogates are changing the lives for couples who want to start or complete their families but also experience a positive change in their own lives.


“ Surrogacy has changed my life in so many ways and has afforded me so many opportunities and so many new friends. I am forever grateful to surrogacy, way beyond the children I have carried and families I have helped create.”


“ I have met many wonderful people who have been an amazing surrogacy support system. These women are caring, giving, strong and just really awesome people.”


“ Surrogacy has changed my life in so many ways and has afforded me so many opportunities and so many new friends. I am forever grateful to surrogacy, way beyond the children I have carried and families I have helped create.”

Medical Process

Pre-screening your medical candidacy will get you moving forward quickly and smoothly. Relax while we provide you with a free and quick screening process. We coordinate with the top the medical professionals in the field. This assures you top quality of ca


Pre-screen/Screen with IVF clinic

We will coordinate your remote medical screening process with the IVF clinic and answer any questions you have about this simple process.


IVF cycle

We will coordinate all your appointments with the IVF clinic for ultrasounds, lab work and the big moment of embryo transfer.



Once pregnancy is achieved you will be released from the IVF clinic at around 10-12 weeks pregnant to start seeing your own OB. If you need referrals to OBs, your coordinator will be happy to help.

Free Medical Screening!


“ Dr. Kumar has a wonderful bedside manner. He is kind, courteous, and informative. I would (and do) recommend his services to anyone needing fertility help. ”